Spectral Imaging with VersaChrome Filters

This article outlines a novel approach to spectral imaging based on recently introduced tunable thin-film optical...

Spectral Imaging with VersaChrome®

By Semrock


Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D., Neil Anderson, Ph.D., Turan Erdogan, Ph.D.


Multicolor fluorescence imaging is ubiquitous in research and clinical applications. When the fluorophores used in such applications have low spectral overlap, standard filter cubes (with fixed spectral edges) are adequate. However, when the crosstalk is high, spectral imaging becomes necessary. Spectral imaging systems provide flexibility in wavelength selection. This flexibility is also useful when experiments need to be designed with new fluorophore combinations because optical filters need not be changed in these systems. However, despite their flexibility, conventional spectral imaging systems are rarely able to offer the key advantages of thin-film interference filters, i.e., high transmission combined with steep spectral edges and...

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