Confocal Microscopy - The Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM)

This talk from Dr. Erik Manders, creator of the RCM, covers how the technology works and the method behind the theory.

This talk given by Dr. Erik Manders (Creator of RCM) goes into detail on the following topics. You can click on any of the topic titles to skip the video to that topic.

1.) Where does the RCM stand in the field of resolution?
2.) History of confocal and how it works
3.) Types of confocal
4.) How Rescan confocal microscope works
5.) How RCM compares to standard confocal
6.) What do we need for good resolution?
7.) Applications
8.) How does RCM compare to SIM and similar systems?
9.) Collaborators
10.) History of


Do you want to image your own samples with the RCM? 

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