Problem: When combining fluorescence and bright-field microscope images, the DIC or phase image did not have ZERO registration with the blue, green and red fluorescence images.

Solution: A unique Bright-field cube that inserts into the lightpath when collecting your transmitted light image(s) and allows -ZERO pixel shift alignment when overlaid with your fluorescence images. The Bright-field cube is for the visible spectrum and transmitted light applications only. Taking ZERO pixel shift to all of your imaging modalities has never been easier.

48-Hour Cube Mounting Service.
If you purchase a filter or filter set and a compatible cube holder together, why not take advantage of our complimentary cube mounting service? The cube mounting option menu is available from the shopping basket menu after you have placed your filters and cube in your basket. Simply select the relevant option and we will mount it for you. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and let us know what you prefer.

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BrightLine Bright-field zero pixel shift filter set

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