Best-Value (Basic) Sets

These value-priced single-band filter sets combine the proven durability of the high performance research sets with optical performance that exceeds premium soft-coated fluorescence filters, yet are at soft-coated prices. In fact, basic sets are brighter than soft-coated filters of comparable contrast, but do not burn-out, lowering the total cost of ownership. These filters are ideal for routine applications that require cost-effective, high volume capabilities and no burn-out. These include clinical microscopy (mycological and fungal staining, immunofluorescence testing), routine analysis, and education.

Fluorescence filter sets can be shipped already mounted in your chosen filter cube if you order them together. This service is free.

48-Hour Cube Mounting Service.
If you purchase a filter or filter set and a compatible cube holder together, why not take advantage of our complimentary cube mounting service? The cube mounting option menu is available from the shopping basket menu after you have placed your filters and cube in your basket. Simply select the relevant option and we will mount it for you. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and let us know what you prefer.

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BrightLine Basic single-band filter set: Yellow Fluorescent Protein and similar fluorophores

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BrightLine Basic single-band filter set (Leica "Large"): Yellow Fluorescent Protein and similar fluorophores

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