Multiphoton Filters

These multiphoton ultra-high performance fluorescence filters serve a full range of applications. They accommodate the wide range of fluorescent dyes that are the essential tools of the modern researcher. The transmission bands of the emitters are so wide that they appear clear at normal incidence. The long wave pass dichroic reflection bands are so wide that they look like mirrors when viewed at 45°. These filters virtually eliminate excitation laser noise at the detector. To reduce undesired fluorescence noise outside a desired band, simply add a bandpass filter.

Each filter is hard-coated for no burnout performance. The filters give the highest transmission, deepest blocking and sharpest of edge transitions to allow you to see more of your image, reveal more detail, maximise your productivity with faster image capture and preserve your data with reduced sample bleaching.

48-Hour Cube Mounting Service.
If you purchase a filter or filter set and a compatible cube holder together, why not take advantage of our complimentary cube mounting service? The cube mounting option menu is available from the shopping basket menu after you have placed your filters and cube in your basket. Simply select the relevant option and we will mount it for you. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and let us know what you prefer.

Product Filter

Edge Wavelength



Transmission Wavelength Range




720 nm edge BrightLine® multiphoton short-pass dichroic beamsplitter

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875 nm edge BrightLine® multiphoton single-edge dichroic beamsplitter

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