The picosecond pulsed laser diode heads of the LDH-FA Series are based on a Master Oscillator Fibre Amplifier (MOFA) concept with frequency conversion.

The master oscillator generates infrared picosecond pulses at variable repetition rates up to 80 MHz (depending on model). A fibre amplifier boosts the output from the seed laser by several dB while maintaining the emission wavelength, polarisation and the short pulse width of the seed laser beam.

The high pulse energies of the amplified infrared lasers permit an efficient wavelength conversion using, for example, single pass second harmonic generation (SHG) or even fourth harmonic generation (FHG). In that way it is for the first time possible to generate picosecond pulses at 266 nm, 531 nm or 766 nm with adjustable repetition rates up to 80 MHz and pulse widths below 100 ps (FWHM).

Eight laser heads are currently available, offering a range of collimated and fibre coupled outputs at varying power levels. The final pulse widths are as short as 100 ps (FWHM) for the green laser heads and even <80 ps (FWHM) for the UV laser head.

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