Current DPSS laser technology has advanced to enable many different wavelengths and output power to be achieved. As a result, Laser 2000 provides a wide range of diode pumped solid state lasers in the UV, visible and IR wavelength regions. Pulsed and continuous wave DPSS laser versions are available with powers ranging from mW to many Watts.

Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF and Nd:YVO4 laser oscillators cover many fluorescence excitation wavelengths. In addition, MOPA configurations are available for power hungry applications, and built-in, intra-cavity, non-linear crystals provide alternative wavelengths. Laser 2000 also provides single frequency and low noise DPSS models for interferometry, holography, and scanning applications.

Our DPSS lasers combine a pump laser diode or diode array with a laser crystal to deliver a highly stable wavelength output. The pump diodes generate light very efficiently that matches the absorption peak of the laser crystal in the DPSS laser cavity. Consequently, DPSS lasers are compact, efficient tools with very stable emission wavelengths.

Frequency modifying crystals can also be accommodated in the DPSS laser cavity. This generates emissions in the visible, blue or UV parts of the spectrum. Additional optics and proprietary cavity designs enable a narrow linewidth for those laser applications where low noise or long coherence length is required.

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532nm, single longitudinal mode, CW DPSS laser delivering 50 mW of average output power in a benchtop format.

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