The Laser 2000 range of in-line pigtailed detectors is for use with visible and infrared laser systems operating within optical fibre. These systems are pigtailed with industry standard connectors for connecting directly to the fibre-optic cable.

Used in conjunction with other fibre-optic components, they can provide a direct feedback of the optical transmission signal, a measurement of fluorescence response in fluorescence systems or alternatively act as the receiver in an optical transmission system.

Three different detector types are offered, a pigtailed silicon detector for visible and near infrared work, an InGaAs PIN photodiode and a Germanium avalanche photodiode for use in the near infrared and infrared.

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fibre pigtailed InGaAs photodiode, 75 microns, 9/125 SMF, FC/PC connector, 1 metre

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fibre pigtailed Silicon photodiode, 500 microns, 50/125 MMF, 1 metre

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