An optical power meter is a device for measuring the power or energy of a laser beam. This technique is often referred to as radiometry.

At the lower end of the range of optical power meters, laser probes provide a quick and simple method to make single power measurements.

Optical power meters for low power lasers come as separate heads and readout units, with multiple heads compatible with each readout unit. The laser power meter readout units are listed along with the heads in the 'Optical Power Meters for low power lasers' section, and are not interchangeable with the high power heads.

The higher power optical power meter heads are all compatible with the 'Readout Units for Optical Power and Energy Meter Heads'. These OPM heads and readout units are listed separately.

For OEM use, optical power and energy sensors are available as separate products. Custom sensors, housings and electronics can be designed to fit your requirements - please ask for details.

This section lists optical power meters for taking occasional measurements. To see our range of Optical Power Monitors for continual optical power monitoring, please refer to the section for photodiodes and photodetectors.