Stepper Motor Controller, 2 Phase, up to 2.5 A per phase - available kits

Product Code Description Lead Time Price Quantity Buy / Get Quote
X-MCB1-PTB2 X-MCB1 Kit, power supply not included. 1-2 weeks £658.00
X-MCB1-KX11BG X-MCB1 Kit. 24 V power supply. Powers one axis. 1-2 weeks £713.00
X-MCB1-KX12BG X-MCB1 Kit. 24 V power supply. Powers multiple axes. 1-2 weeks £723.00
X-MCB1-KX13BG X-MCB1 Kit. 48 V power supply. Powers one axis. 1-2 weeks £713.00
X-MCB1-KX14BG X-MCB1 Kit. 48 V power supply. Powers multiple axes. 1-2 weeks £762.00

5 V Power Out Current Rating:

Total 200mA

Analog input:


Analog Input Range:


Analog Input Resolution:


Axes of Motion:


CE Compliant:


Communication Interface:


Communication Interface:

USB 2.0

Communication Protocol:

Zaber ASCII (Default), Zaber Binary

Controller Maximum Current Per Phase:


Data Cable Connection:

Locking 4-pin M8, USB-B

Default Resolution:

1/64of a step

Isolated Digital Input:


Isolated Digital Output:


LED Indicators:

Power, Error, Motor, Encoder

Limit Sensors per Axis:


Manual Control:

Indexed knob with push switch

Maximum Current Draw:

Motor and supply voltage dependent

Motor Connection:

D-sub 15 female

Operating Temperature:

0 - 50°C

Power Plug:

2-pin Screw Terminal

Power Supply:


RoHS Compliant:


Vacuum Compatible:




  • Controls any bipolar stepper motor or actuator with high resolution using an integrated 1.41 Arms (2.0 A peak) per phase driver with customizable microstepping
  • Two isolated digital inputs, two isolated digital outputs, and two analog inputs
  • Intuitive ASCII protocol simplifies complex automation tasks
  • Designed for easy mounting to panels, breadboards, lab benches, and enclosures


1. Intelligent stepper motor drivers with chopper drive circuitry and advanced motion algorithms.
2. Connect to and control any bipolar stepper motors or actuators with up to 1.41 Arms (2.0 A peak) per phase.
3. 2 opto-isolated digital inputs.
4. 2 opto-isolated digital outputs.
5. 2 analog inputs.
6. +5 V 200 mA power output to support simple I/O applications.
7. LEDs indicate the operational status of the controller and motor.
8. An indexed knob provides convenient manual control.
9. Programmable triggers based on time, distance, settings or inputs for stand-alone operation.
10. Multiple mounting options for attaching controller to panel, optical breadboard, or electronic cabinet.
11. Multiple units can be daisy-chained and controlled via serial port. Power can also be shared in the chain.
12. Integrated USB 2.0.

The X-MCB1 stepper motor controller is designed with powerful, yet easy-to-use features. It can drive any bipolar stepper motor or actuator up to 1.41 Arms (2.0 A peak) per phase with high resolution. Microstepping resolution of the drive can be set at any value between 1 and 256 microsteps per step, allowing easy customization and fine resolution movement. The controller also includes isolated digital inputs and outputs, as well as analog inputs for interfacing with external systems.

An event-driven trigger system allows the device to be programmed for stand-alone operation based on I/O, time, or movement stimuli. An intuitive ASCII interface allows the user to easily communicate with the device through Zaber Console (our free software), as well as third party terminal programs.


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