640nm CW laser diode module delivering 30mW of average output power in a benchtop/compact OEM format.

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STRADUS-640-30 640nm CW laser diode module delivering 30mW of average output power in a benchtop/compact OEM format. On Request On Request

Amplitude Stability:


Analogue Modulation:


Analogue Rise Time:


Average Output Power:


Beam Alignment:


Beam Centration:


Beam Circularity:

> 90%

Beam Divergence:

0.7mrad (standard beam)

Beam Divergence:

1mrad (small beam)

Beam Major Dimension:

1mm (small beam)

Beam Major Dimension:

1.3mm (standard beam)

Beam Shape:


Cavity Type:

Fabry-Perot (FP)

CDRH Class:

Class IIIb

Centre Wavelength:


Communication Interface:


Communication Interface:


Digital Modulation:


Digital Rise Time:


ESD Protection:

Class 4

EU Compliance:

CE Mark Certified with control box

Fibre Coupling:




Input Power (Control Box):

90-250 VAC, 50/60Hz

Input Power (Head):

12V DC, 1.5A (max)

Laser Type:

Laser Diode Module





Modulation Depth:

∞ (full off)





Operating Temperature:

10 - 45°C

Package Type:


Package Type:

Compact OEM

Pointing Stability:


Polarisation Orientation:

Vertical ±2°

Polarisation Ratio:


RoHS Compliance:

EU and China



Storage temperature:

−10 - 60°C

Temporal Mode:


Temporal Mode:

CW Modulated

Transverse (Spatial) Mode:



0.21kg (Laser Head)



Stradus high performance CW laser diode modules are available with outputs in the UV, blue, green or red regions of the optical spectrum.

Each Stradus model is supplied complete with built-in thermal control and collimation optics. All of the components (the laser diode, photo-detector, and all beam shaping optics) are contained within a sealed module with an inert atmosphere for the ultimate in stability and longevity. The innovative design of the opto-mechanical packaging gives the Stradus products incredible power stability and beam pointing performance.

A patent pending approach to the modular, sealed optics assembly allows the Stradus to outperform the competition both long and short term over a wide operating temperature range. High power output diodes are packaged in a power efficient design that ensures the lowest optical noise output with an incredibly stable beam. The package design provides the highest level of ESD protection available today in a laser module.

Design innovation and high performance drive electronics combine to give unparalleled power stability and beam pointing stability over time and temperature. Low noise drive electronics produce an optical output with exceptionally low optical noise. The module can be operated in CW (constant power) or modulation modes. Both analog and digital (TTL) inputs* can be used with analog signals up to 500kHz and digital rates up to 200MHz. The module can be driven with rise times less than 2 nanoseconds for high speed modulation.

The Stradus electronics design includes many revolutionary changes in laser module control.

The Stradus family products can be operated as a fully CDRH compliant and independent system with the Control Box/ Power Supply or as a completely self-contained OEM head. Each laser is in a standard bench top format footprint, with a separate drive electronics controller unit. However, the laser can operate independently of the drive electronics unit. On board is a 32-bit ARM microprocessor that gives you unprecedented control of the laser module.

The Stradus laser is widely compatible with the remote instructions and drive command sets of other commercially available lasers. This makes them easy to integrate as an alternative to more costly, lower performing and less reliable alternatives. Furthermore, they are also fully compatible with µmanager™, making these lasers ideal replacements for microscopy systems.

The drive electronics unit is compatible with single phase 240VAC (13A). It provides DC power to the laser head and also control and readout interfaces. It is also equipped with a CDRH ON/OFF key switch and interlock.

The Stradus range represents the ultimate in high performance laser diode modules. All Stradus lasers are perfectly suited to the demands of laboratory and OEM integrators alike. They are also ideal for use as replacement lasers in microscope systems.

For assistance on how to replace your existing laser with a Stradus laser, please contact us and we will provide you with full advice and support.

*532 nm model has analogue modulation only