Easily capture and analyse 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level

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SPINDLE Easily capture and analyse 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level On Request On Request

Axial Precision:


Depth Range:

2 - 20μm

Dimensions (H x W x D):

211 x 84 x 84mm

Field of view:

Larger than 200 x 200 μm

Lateral (x-y) Precision:


Light Efficiency:

> 95%

Wavelength Range:

Mask Library 400 nm to Near IR [1]

[1] Custom masks available upon request.

Product summary:

  • Extends the capabilities of your microscope for nano-scale 3D imaging and sensing

  • Attaches between any widefield microscope and EMCCD or sCMOS camera, using standard C-mounts

  • Ensures pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives with corrective optics

  • Features a bypass mode so you can revert to 2D imaging without having to dismantle

  • Unlocks vast potential when used with other tools and techniques, including SOFI, confocal, STORM, widefield, fluorescent beads, dyes, and photoactivable proteins


Unrivaled Precision and Depth 3D Imaging & Tracking

Double Helix’s SPINDLE™ gives researchers the ability to easily capture and analyse 3D images of cellular structures down to the single molecule level.

Using Double Helix’s patented Light Engineering™ technology as its foundation, the SPINDLE™ can be easily installed on existing microscopes to enable advanced 3D imaging and tracking with super-resolution capabilities. Built-in bypass mode allows for easy return to non-3D experiments.

  • Patented phase mask design overcomes traditional limitations enabling 3D imaging with unparalleled depth and axial precision

  • Select from a library of masks optimised to the emission wavelength needed for your 3D experiment

  • Compatible with wide range of microscopes, objectives and cameras


Custom designed optics for precision imaging and tracking

  • Full field-of-view imaging

  • Custom optics ensure diffraction-limited performance over the full field of view of large format senors

  • Transmission >95% 

  • Built-in corrective optics to ensure pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives

  • Ease of install with stable alignment of x, y, and z positions of the phase mask in the relayed pupil plane


Intelligent data analysis

  • 3DTRAX™ Software, a FIJI plugin provides: 3D localisation of molecules, 3D rendering, drift correction, tracking, visualisation

  • Intuitive plots help to ensure quality data throughout the analysis process

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Ease of file export for extended analysis


Affordable and adaptable 

  • Small footprint allows easy installation even in space-constrained environments

  • Input and output C-mount adapters provide easy support for commercial and custom-built microscopes and cameras

  • Highly reliable system with no moving parts. Switchable phase mask cartridges, auxiliary emission filter holders for maximum experiment flexibility

  • Modular design evolves your existing system into an advanced 3D imaging system with super-resolution capabilities

3D Double Helix super-resolution reconstruction of microtubules labeled with AlexaFluor 647. 3D with Double Helix and simulated 2D reconstructions showing z depth encoded in colour. The Double Helix 3D image captures a depth of 2.2 μm. The simulated 2D reconstruction of the same image shows 1 μm of z depth (-500 to +500 nm) and does not contain axial localisation information.


2019 Prism Award Winner 

Going up against innovative technologies at SPIE's Photonics West, the SPINDLE™ secured the win for Double Helix for the category of diagnostics and therapeutics. Click here to read SPIE's press release on the 2019 Prism Award winners.