Multi-function External Cavity Laser Controller

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SideKick Multi-function External Cavity Laser Controller On Request On Request

Electrical Parameters

Cooling Method:

Passive air (no fans) [1],[4]

Current Accuracy:

0.75% of requested current [1]

Current Modulation:

Not included (applied direct to laser head) [1],[3]

Current Precision:

1 mA [1]


185 x 132 x 35mm (Sidekick) [1]


69 x 132 x 41mm (Power Supply) [1]


0 - 80% RH, non-condensing [1]

Input Power:

90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz with included AC-DC Power Supply (or <3 A, 22-30 VDC) [1]

Maximum Duty Cycle:

10% (option: up to 30% - please enquire) [1],[3],[4]

Operating Temperature:

10 - 40°C [1],[3]

Pulse Repetition Frequency:

100 - 3000000Hz [1],[3]

Pulse Width:

40 ms to 1 µs, 20 ns steps [1],[3],[4]

Regulatory Compliance:

CDRH, CE [1],[3]

Scan Speed:

>1000 cm-1/s (max.), 0.5 cm-1/s (min.) [1],[3]

Storage temperature:

−20 - 60°C [1],[3]

Temperature Adjust:

±5°C programmable [1]

Trigger Input:

TTL [1]


Internal clock, external trigger (External Pulse, External Trigger) [1]

General Specifications


31xxx/41xxx series tunable laser heads [1],[2]

Control Interface:

GUI and SDK command set (included) [1]

External Interface:

USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100 [1]

Modes of Operation:

Pulsed, CW, CW-Mode-Hop-Free [1]

Tuning Modes:

Set wavelength, uni- and bi-directional scans, step and measure, start/stop scan [1]

Multi-function, external cavity quantum cascade laser controller with industry-leading noise performance.

Welcome to SideKick™ – Daylight Solutions' new quantum cascade laser controller. SideKick is a next-generation design that builds on the field-proven success of our TLC/FLC control electronics. SideKick supports Daylight's broad range of external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECqcL™) systems 2, functionality, and QCL wavelength selection. SideKick represents a significant evolution in controller features and performance, and is compatible with all 31/41xxx Pulsed, CW-Pulsed, ÜberTuner™ and Mode-Hop-Free laser heads 2. SideKick allows flexible, high-precision and high-stability control of laser: output power; wavelength; temperature; scan speed (to >1000 cm-1/s 3); pulse width, repetition rate and duty cycle (up to 1 µs, 3 MHz and 30% respectively) 3,4. And all while protecting your gain chip with Daylight's proven High-Fidelity Quantum Cascade Drive (HFQD™) circuitry.

Signal-to-Noise is critical in most MWIR applications, and laser performance is only as good as controller performance. Recognising this, SideKick's design emphasises low noise and, when paired with a suitable laser head, produces extremely low RIN 5. With a compact form factor and USB/Ethernet connectivity, SideKick is ideally suited to OEM integration and laboratory use. The included GUI 6 and SDK provide elegant local/remote control, error messaging, and also allow user-programmable tuning, swept scans, step-and-measure scans, and multiple triggering modes. With a SideKick in your Daylight laser system, you'll find your mid-infrared applications easier than ever before. Just connect SideKick to your PC, laser head and go! Please contact us to learn more.

[1] All specifications are: defined after a 10-minute warm up; subject to change without notice.
[2] Not compatible with 31/41xxx fixed-wavelength (Aries, Unicorn) or 11/21xxx laser heads, which require designated TLC/FLC controllers.
[3] Depends on laser head and/or gain chip - please enquire.
[4] Laser operation above 10% duty cycle requires a suitable QCL chip and may require supplemental cooling of the laser head - please enquire.
[5] Typical RIN as low as -150 dBc/Hz was measured in the range of 400 kHz to 1 MHz using SideKick with a TLH-41060-MHF laser head.
[6] GUI compatible with Windows® 7, 8.1 & 10. Please enquire for other OS.