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Polatis optical switches are high performance, fully non-blocking switches. The Polatis DirectLight beam steering technology used in these switches provides high reliability and performance without the drawbacks of traditional optical switch architectures.

DirectLight is a simple, elegant, and precise means for optical switching. At the core is a micro-actuation engine, a free-space optical switch with fibre collimators and piezoelectric actuators.

The very simple optical train, consisting of fibre and two collimators, gives the lowest loss available (typical insertion loss of 0.4 dB) and extremely high optical performance (PDL, PMD, WDL, repeatability and more). With 100x the stiffness of typical 3D MEMS devices, the Polatis system is also far less susceptible to shock, vibration, or other environmental disturbances. In addition, Polatis optical switches are able to accurately position fibres even when no light is present.

  • Ultra-low insertion loss
  • Low Polarisation Dependent Loss
  • Fast switching speed
  • Excellent repeatability
  • High power handling
  • Operates with dark or lit fibre
  • Fully non-blocking
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Protocol and bit rate independent
  • Easy to integrate

Designed for OEM integration, the OSM is an ideal product where small size and superior optical performance are required. All drive and control electronics are provided, with options for either serial RS-232 or a high speed interface. Excellent repeatability and optical performance are achieved for both single mode and multimode fibre variants using Polatis direct beam steering technology.

Easily integrated onto standard telecom blades, the small form-factor OSM forms the key element of a reconfigurable optical core. Whether used for hybrid OEO/OOO network switches, IP over optical or client-side switching, the OSM provides fast and reliable reconfiguration, with absolute minimal impact on pre-engineered loss budgets. The OSM is also well suited to integrated test systems and for component & module manufacturing test.

OSM switches are available in both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (NxM) formats, with (N and M) fibre counts ranging from 4 through to 32 in increments of 4 for single mode products. Multimode switches are currently available with fibre counts up to 16x16. Polatis also offer Reconfigurable switch modules, allowing the user to create any matrix shape within the total fibre count. Reconfigurable switch dimensions currently range from 8 through to 32 fibres. The modules are supplied in a compact package incorporating all required drive and control electronics.

The Polatis Series 3000 multimode optical switch can form the integral part of a resilient network, for connection management in a business continuity setting or as part of a shipboard communication system. Since there is no regeneration, no signal monitoring and no signal modulation is introduced, the Polatis optical switch is a secure node for carrying sensitive communications.

With its low loss, very high repeatability and low crosstalk, the multimode Polatis optical switch is a perfect fit for testing of Fibre Channel and GigE interfaces as part of an automation strategy.

The OST is available in both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (MxN) port configurations, provided in a standard 19" rack mount enclosure. Either 50 micron or 62.5 micron cores can be selected.

The Polatis series singlemode optical switches are an ideal platform for network-level switching, given their ultra-low loss, fast switch speed, and high reliability for fibre routing, IP over optical, and client-side switching. The ability to manage bi-directional traffic and switch dark fibre provides network operators with an ideal tool for fibre-layer monitoring.

The Polatis series singlemode optical switches also excel in test environments, providing physical-layer connectivity for sharing of high value equipment and for automation of test sequences in design, verification, and manufacturing systems. The instrument grade performance ensures maximum signal fidelity, with ultra-high stability and repeatability.

The Polatis series singlemode optical switches are available in both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (MxN) port configurations, provided in a standard 19" rack mount enclosure.