3-Wavelengths Objective Lens 20mm Focal Length 10X

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PFL-10-UV/NUV-AG 3-Wavelengths Objective Lens 20mm Focal Length 10X On Request On Request

Focal Depth (λ=550nm):


Focal Length F:




Numerical Aperture (NA):


Pupil Diameter:


Resolution (λ=550nm):


Visual Field of Imaging Device (1/2-Inch):




Working Distance (WD):


3-Wavelengths Objective Lens

This objective lens can be used for laser machining using pulsed laser of SHG (532nm), THG (355nm), and FHG (266nm) YAG laser. Objective lense provides high transmittance at three harmonic wavelengths of YAG.

• With its long working distance and corrected field curvature, its natural observation image is obtained to the periphery of viewing the field.
• It is the long working infinity correction function that is used to introduce a laser system and coaxial observation.
• It allows observation of the sample with visible light (400 – 500nm).

• Available fixed objective lens holder (LHO-26). (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4024)
• When the objective lens is fixed to a 2 axis holder, please consult our Sales Team.
• For laser processing, we offer a dichoric block (DIMC) and for laser unit with coaxial illumination and observation (OUCI-2).

• When an objective lens is used in laser processing, use the diameter of the incident beam to extend to a size of half the pupil diameter (1/e2). A small light spot cannot be achieved when the incident beam is too narrow. Please note if there is a laser energy density increase, there will be a high possibility of damage to the objective lens.
• The surface of an objective lens can be contaminated by debris during processing. To avoid this, please have sufficient working distance (WD) and insert a thin protective glass on the objective.
• Magnification is the value when using the imaging lens f=200mm. When used in a microscope lens barrel from other manufacturers there may be different magnifications. The actual magnification should be calculated from the ratio of the focal length of the objective lens and the focal length of the imaging lens to verify the focal length of the imaging lens barrel to be used.