SmartPocket OLS LED Source

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VIAVI OLS-34, OLS-35, and OLS-36 SmartPocket Optical Light Sources are pocket-sized, low-cost optical light sources for singlemode and multimode fibre optic networks.

SmartPocket optical light sources offer up to four wavelengths from laser diode stabilised light sources, with an excellent price/performance ratio. The SmartPocket OLS series are the ideal complementary tools to the SmartPocket OLP series to measure the insertion loss and test the continuity in multimode datacom and local area networks, as well as in singlemode telecommunication and CATV-multimedia networks.

  • The OLS-34 is dedicated to LAN/WAN Access and Enterprise multimode networks with 850/1300 nm.
  • The OLS-35 covers all standard singlemode Telecommunication networks applications with 1300/1550 nm
  • The OLS-36 is a quad-wavelength solution that covers both multimode and singlemode wavelengths in one product
  • Small and rugged with a large display and easy-to-use interface
  • Combines up to 4 wavelengths (850/1300/1310/1550 nm) in one unit
  • Fixed or interchangeable connectors for maximum flexibility
  • Auto-wavelength and TWINTest transmission modes
  • Micro USB interface for power supply
  • One output port for 2 wavelengths
  • 3-years calibration period
  • Can be part of the SmartPocket Optical Test Kits