Observer GigaFlow

Intelligently stitches and structures multiple sources of data together into an enriched flow record

Observer GigaFlow transforms flow-based analysis by combining multiple traffic and infrastructure data sources to provide deep performance management and network security insight. 

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Observer GigaFlow Intelligently stitches and structures multiple sources of data together into an enriched flow record On Request On Request

The growing number and variety of devices and applications across today’s hybrid IT environment are becoming increasingly difficult to manage — whether related to IoT, SD-WAN, cloud migrations or remote users at the network edge. Observer GigaFlow solves the pervasive end-user experience, performance, and security challenges in these dynamic environments by intelligently stitching traditional flow, SNMP, user identity, and session syslog data into an enriched flow record. It strengthens existing security measures by adding another layer of protection and peace-of-mind that your network infrastructure is well defended.

GigaFlow processes mountains of unstructured data and delivers enriched flow records that provide in-depth details on network device types, connectivity, traffic control, and usage patterns. This information is maintained at the individual user, over time across all communication traversing the environment from any point of view making it particularly valuable for NetOps and SecOps teams. 

VIAVI brings the network to the table and exposes the infrastructure and traffic clearly to all business stakeholders serving as the go-to platform for every IT team.


Feature and Benefit Summary:

  • End-user experience and infrastructure insights provide situational awareness for stakeholders driving better decisions for tuning service delivery and assessing security challenges

  • High-fidelity forensic visibility into network conversations over time supporting investigations reduces mean time to resolution

  • Advanced service path visibility ensures immediate problem domain isolation across hybrid IT environments

  • Automated threat assessment strengthens defense through immediate identification of rogue activity and unauthorised devices

  • Cloud and virtual device insight deliver real-time understanding of performance in virtual, cloud, and remote environments


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