Reflective Microscope Objective 5mm Focal Length 40X

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OBLR-40A Reflective Microscope Objective 5mm Focal Length 40X Please Call £2147.00

Focal Length F:




Mechanical Tube Length:

80 - ∞mm(variable)

Numerical aperture (NA):


Shielding Ratio:

about 36%

Visual Field:


Wavelength Range:

350 - 7000nm



Working distance (WD):


Reflective Microscope Objectives Lenses

These reflective Microscope objective lenses are optimized for chromatic aberration over a bandwidth of 350nm to 7um. They are mainly used in microscope-spectrometry and failure analysis in the semiconductor industry.

• Adjustable for use with various types of microscope tubes with focal length ranging from 80mm to infinite
• The reflection mirror is strengthened with aluminium coating and MgF2 protective layer.
• The M20.32 mounting thread conforms to JIS standard and is compatible with all major microscope tubes.
• The focus point and image size of visible, UV and IR wavelengths shows no difference and precise matching of the images is possible.

• There are custom versions of the reflective microscope objectives available upon request for the vacuum ultra-violet spectrum with aluminium coating without a protective layer and for the near infrared spectrum with gold layer coatings available as an option.
• An adapter for the objective lens turret is available (OBRLR-AMT). Check with our Sales Team or your microscope manufacturer for compatibility and the use of reflective microscope objective lenses.
• Specific holder for microscope objective lenses (LHO-20.32) is available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4024)

• These objectives are not to be used for laser processing due to light axis shielding of the reflective mirror.
• There are microscopes that cannot be used with a turret.
• Use the adjustable correction collar to adjust the focal length and the cover glass thickness.
• The center reflective mirror shields the center of the light axis. For direct light experiments, a low intense light in the center is expected.
• The light intensity loss is expected to be around 45%. (The center mirror shielding 36% and the aluminum reflectivity 90%)