Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meter with FiberChek2 Integration

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MP-60/MP-80 Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meter with FiberChek2 Integration On Request On Request


The VIAVI Solutions MP-60 and MP-80 Miniature USB Power Meters with FiberChek2 Integration measure optical power via a USB 2.0 connection to a PC or laptop.

This unique miniature optical power meter makes digital processing of optical power measurements possible and integrates directly with VIAVI FiberChek2 automated fibre inspection and analysis software. The MP-60/MP80 Power Meter's size, functionality, and ease-of-use makes it an extremely useful and practical tool when testing optical power levels. The simple, straightforward, and intuitive software interface offers a well-organised digital solution to both fibre inspection and test procedures.

  • Takes power measurements for all single-mode and multimode connectors via USB 2.0 connection to PC/laptop
  • Measures optical power with multiple pre-calibrated wavelengths:
    • MP-60 @ 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, and 1550 nm
    • MP-80 @ 980, 1310, 1480, and 1550 nm
  • Integrates digital power measurements, fibre inspection, and analysis into a single, unified work sequence
  • Quickly and easily test optical power on PC/laptop
  • Archives and creates custom logs for all results
  • Integrate power measurement results into FiberChek2 files and reports
  • Easy, clear, straightforward digital readouts (with auto-voice option) and interface with options for dB, milliwatt, and dBm measurements