Beam Shaping Diffuser 52mm Diameter 60°×1°

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MDFPC-52-60/1D Beam Shaping Diffuser 52mm Diameter 60°×1° Please Call £104.00

Clear Aperture φA:


Elliptic Diffusion Angle (Diameter × Minor Axis):


Frame Outer Diameter φD:




Beam Shaping Diffuser

This product is a high transmittance diffuser compared to the other products and we can obtain a wide diffusion light in a single direction.
It is fit for fluid observation, used as a light panel and laser marking system.

• The beam shaping diffuser is made of with many small lenses in random shape on its surface. The emitted light thru the small lenses form the beam into an ellipse shape. Light cannot cause a big light quantity loss by dispersion or a reflection in the irrelevant direction.
• There is not necessary to adjust the light axis like a lens since the light incident can be projected anywhere on the beam shaping diffuser surface and an ellipse beam shape will be obtained.
• When the optic is rotated, the ellipse shape will rotate too.

• We offer this product without mount and in different size, contact our Sales Team with your requests.
• We can produce the emitted light in circular distribution form.

• Can be used for laser light but the diffused light can not be returned to one focused spot.
• Clean the optics with approriate lens cleaning alcohol or distilled water only.
• The surface of the optics is extremely delicate, please avoid any contact with hard material or rub the surface.
• The optics can be deformed or melt, please avoid using it with high power laser or high energy pulsed laser.