2 meter Extension cable for SGDC acuators

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MDC-4-2 2 meter Extension cable for SGDC acuators Please Call £25.00

Cable Length:




Angled Micrometer Heads

Unique right angle drives are direct replacements for micrometer heads used on OptoSigma's manual stages. Unidirectional control units are suitable for assembly into systems, offering excellent operability in confined spaces and improving work efficiency.

• Compatible with the mounting brackets of micrometer heads used in products listed in the catalog.
• Angled micrometer heads can be rotated and secured at any position. Adjust to the most convenient position depending on the situation.

• Angled micrometer heads will be assembled onto a stage when purchased together. Contact the Sales Division if you need a certain orientation
• The feed rate at the end of the micrometer is not 1:1, but is slightly less. The scale on the micrometer should be used as an estimate.

• Depending on the stage type and installation angle of the micrometer head, there can be shortened travel or interference with mounting parts. Contact our I Sales Division when you swap the micrometer head.
• MDC-6.5 requires a special nut driver (MNS). Contact our Sales Division for more information.