MAP-200 3 or 8 slot mainframe, reverse configuration available

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The VIAVI Solutions MAP-200 Multiple Application Platform is a modular optical test and measurement platform that consists of a chassis and hot-swappable test modules.

The mainframes are available in a three-slot configuration, or an eight slot, 19" rack configuration with either front or rear-facing orientation to optimise fibre routing.

All configurations include GPIB, Ethernet and USB ports for remote communication, plus LXI-compliant trigger bus connections. The user-friendly GUI provides local control. Alternatively, you can access the GUI at your PC through a VNC client. The IVI drivers are easy to use with popular development environments such as LabView, Visual C++, Visual Basic and LabWindows. The MAP firmware and console automatically identify installed modules for ease of use.

  • Available in three mainframe configurations
  • Safely hot-swap test modules
  • Enables transceiver and transponder testing
  • Permits comprehensive passive and active component, laser, and amplifier testing
  • Facilitates 10 G and 40 G system and subsystem testing
  • GPIB- and LXI- compliant (Ethernet)
  • Optional 10.4" touch-screen display module with keypad and scrollwheel
  • DVI port for external display, USB ports for external keyboard and mouse
  • Field-replaceable controller/power supply module

The MAP portfolio offers 16 types of high-performance modules:

MAP Broadband Source
Offers an amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) output that features flattened high power density across the C-band. The source provides high spectral stability.

MAP Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Six different configurations available: pre-amplifier, booster, booster high-power, mid-span access booster, in-line and booster DWDM. Features a low noise figure, high output power, and high gain.

MAP Fabry-Perot Laser
Cassette that produces a stable light source at desired wavelength.

MAP Large Channel Count Switch
Bidirectional Stepper-Motor Based Switch Cassette that allows connection of a common port to up to 50 channels.

MAP Light Emitting Diode Source
High-power LED-based light source with variable output power.

MAP Insertion Loss and Return Loss Test Modules
Singlemode Insertion Loss / Return Loss test meter and fully EF-compliant multimode Insertion Loss test modules for use with the VIAVI advanced MAP-200 platform.

MAP Polarization Controller
Cassette that provides an efficient and precise way of creating any state of polarization.

MAP Optical Power Meter
Cassette that uses a 3 mm InGaAs detector to measure from 10 to -80 dBm over the wavelength range of 800-1650 nm.

MAP Small Channel Count Switch
Prism-Based Switch Cassette that accommodates a number of switches with varying channel counts and latching modes at a low cost.

MAP Swept Wavelength Test System
Test solution for manufacturing and new device development of passive DWDM devices, ROADMs & Circuit Packs. Provides full characterisation of wavelength dependence performance.

MAP Tunable Filter
Tunable bandpass filter that offers continuous wavelength tuning from 1520-1630 nm.

MAP Utility
Cassette that simplifies mechanical integration of passive optical components for test sets.

MAP Variable Backreflector
Provides precise levels of return loss to transmitters, which allows measurements of system sensitivity or system degradation as a function of backreflection.

MAP Variable Optical Attenuator
High-resolution, wide wavelength-range attenuator ideal for use in applications such as analogue systems and high bit-rate digital systems.

MAP Tunable DBR Laser
New-generation tunable laser ideal for DWDM testing where the capability to change wavelength on demand over the C- band with 50 GHz spacing is essential.