Absorptive Neutral Density Filter Mounted (YAG Laser) 52mm Diameter 5%

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MANY-52-5 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter Mounted (YAG Laser) 52mm Diameter 5% Please Call £113.00

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Absorptive Neutral Density Filter, Mounted


Absorptive Neutral Density Filter, Mounted

Transmittance (1064nm):




Absorptive Neutral Density Filter

We offer a complete line of ND filters to reduce intensity of 1064nm YAG laser.
This is an absorptive type of filter that reduces stray reflected light and reduces intensity of the light with precise densities for 1064nm YAG laser.

• The transmittance can be fine tuned and can offer light intensity adjustment. Moreover, with a multi-filter set up, ultra fine light intensity tuning can be realized.

• Absorptive ND filter placed near to a light-source can be broken by the sudden high temperature. The filter must be treated with thermal reinforcement for heat resistance.
• Different size, wavelength and deviation ratio which is not listed on-line or in our catalog is available as custom product upon the request.

• Do not use with high power laser, the filter can be damaged. In that case, please try our Reflective type of ND filter (model FND).
• To obtain a better transmittance characteristic, the thickness of the filter can be changed. For this reason the thickness of each filter is different. For filter with thickness below 5mm, we recommend to use the mounted filter. (model MAN/MANY).
• The filter transmittance characteristic of each production lot is different. The outside wavelength properties of the adaptation wavelength may greatly vary in particular according to production lot. Please refer to reflective filter (model FND) if the use of wavelength is wider than a specified wavelength.
• ND filter does not have Anti Reflection coating so there is 4% reflection loss.