BrightLine® Pinkel λ/2 flatness super-resolution laser filter set: 405, 488, 532, & 635 nm laser sources

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LF405/488/532/635-4X-B-000 BrightLine® Pinkel λ/2 flatness super-resolution laser filter set: 405, 488, 532, & 635 nm laser sources 1-2 weeks £2122.00

Items Included

Product Code Description
FF01-390/40-25 390/40 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
FF01-640/14-25 640/14 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
FF02-482/18-25 482/18 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
FF01-446/510/581/703-25 446/510/581/703 nm BrightLine® quad-band bandpass filter
FF01-532/3-25 532/3 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
Di03-R405/488/532/635-t1-25x36 405/488/532/635 nm lasers BrightLine® quad-edge super-resolution / TIRF dichroic beamsplitter
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BrightLine filters have blocking far exceeding OD 6 as needed to ensure a black background, even when using modern low-noise CCD cameras. The blocking is optimised for microscopy applications using the SpecMaker™ fluorescence filter design

Dichroic Orientation:

Reflective coating side should face toward light source and sample.

Exciter/Emitter Orientation:

Arrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light.

Filter set type:


Filter set type:


Filter size:












Microscope Compatibility:

BrightLine filters are available to fit Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Aperio microscopes.

Optical Damage Rating:

Testing has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm2) for over 500 hrs.

Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig):


Zero pixel shift:


This "Pinkel" multiband set is optimized for laser excitation over four bands - utilizing a 375 or 405 nm laser source for DAPI, a 473 or 488 nm laser source for GFP or FITC, a 532 nm laser source for TRITC, and a 632.8, 635, or 647.1 nm laser source for Cy5. This set provides high brightness, extremely low crosstalk, and superb signal-to-noise ratio. The dichroic offers industry-leading 1λ P-V RWE for minimal focus shift and aberrations of the laser beam spot up to 10 mm diameter to enable popular imaging and Super-Resolution techniques including TIRF, PALM, STORM, and Structured-Illumination.

Loose and cube mounted filter sets are certified to deliver dichroic flatness <= 1λ P-V RWE @ 632.8 nm.

Looking for this filter set in one of the following cubes: NQF, LDMK or LDMP?

Our previous version is still available for those cube configurations LF405/488/532/635-4X-A


Note on spectral plots:
In the past, each shipment has included a spectral plot for every filter and every lot code in the shipment. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we will no longer be including these plots with each shipment. If you require spetral plot data, please see here for more information.