Laser diode control unit 12VDC

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LDCU12-220 Laser diode control unit 12VDC On Request On Request



The Laser Diode Control Unit (LDCU) is a turnkey power source that enables us to offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) laser products as complete laser systems.

The LDCU incorporates the following safety features: a power on/off key switch, emission indicator, 5-second activation delay, and remote interlock connector. In addition, laser systems above 4.5mW feature a beam attenuator to prevent unwanted radiation emissions, and systems above 450mW include a manual reset button on the front panel.

Several versions of the LDCU are available, to accommodate laser modules with either 3.3VDC, 5VDC or 12VDC operating voltages.

Input voltages of 100VAC, 120VAC and 220VAC are available for this safe, easy-to-use power source.