Adjustable Laser Holder Mount Metric for Damped Rod

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LAHU-45EE Adjustable Laser Holder Mount Metric for Damped Rod Please Call £126.00

Compatible Laser Diameter:

25.4 - 44.5mm

Product Type:

Rod Mount


Rod Mount



Adjustable Laser Holders (with a stand)

Cylindrical Laser mounts for use with vibration isolated Rod Mount system.
The dampened structure makes the holders ideal or use in holograms or interferometry.

• Cylindrical lasers of φ25.4 to φ50.0mm diameter fit in the V-grooved section and are held in place by a single clamping screw.
• Holders can be mounted at any position by sliding along the damped rod.
• Can be directly mounted on a vibration isolator or optical breadboard with 50×50mm matrix M6 screw holes or 1/4-20 UNC holes on 2" spacing.
• LAHU-A mounts can adjust beam tilt and rotation.

• Consult our Sales Division if holders with an optical axis height of 300mm or higher is necessary.

• The holder may slide due to its weight when changing the height. Be careful not to drop the holder when adjusting.
• Lasers are very delicate instruments. Pushing in a fixing screw with excessive force sometimes deteriorates the laser performance.