Motorized Linear Turret for 2 Objectives

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LACS-2H-A Motorized Linear Turret for 2 Objectives Please Call £2021.00

Feeding Mechanism:

Ball screw φ4 (1mm lead)

Guide Method:

Extended contact bearing

Load Capacity:


Maximum Travel Speed (Switch):

35mm/sec (A⇒B, about 1.0sec)


5-phase stepping motor (0.75A/phase)

Number of Switched Lens:

2 holes (1hole: datum hole, 1holes: one-directional center core adjustment)

Objective Lens Size:


Switching Reproducibility:

≦ ±3μm (by the tip of objective lens)


35 mm (Switching distance)

Travel Per 1 Pulse:

2μm(FULL)/0.1μm (20 divided)



This is an objective lens positioner that realizes both high performance and lower prices with our company’s original positioning technology and processing technology developed through the manufacture of stages and other items. We offer the optimiged lens positioner for both manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment that require high throughput.

  • Motorized turret has better accuracy and durability than traditional turrets due to elimination of mechanical detents.
  • Includes 5-phase micro stepping motor and can achieve a resolution of less than a micron at the tip of objective lens.
  • When used with the GIP-101 controller, objectives can be switched quickly and accuarately either manually, using the push buttons on the controller, or automatically, using the computer interface.
  • Motorized lens switcher is designed to hold 2 objective lenses, to provide precise movements and feasible speed.
  • Using our proprietary extended contact bearing design to improve straightness.