Hedgehog™ HHG-UT Compact, Rapid-scan, Tunable Mid-IR CW/Pulsed Laser for Research & OEM Applications

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HHG-UT Hedgehog™ HHG-UT Compact, Rapid-scan, Tunable Mid-IR CW/Pulsed Laser for Research & OEM Applications On Request On Request

CW Performance


≤100 MHz (FWHM, over 1s) [1],[2],[5]

General Specifications

Average Output Power:

500mW [1],[2],[3]

Average Power Stability:

<2% (1 hr) [1]

Beam Divergence:

<4mrad (full angle, 1/e2 intensity width) [1],[4]

Beam Pointing Stability:

<1mrad (beam centroid change) [1],[3]

Centre Wavelength Availability:

<4 – >13µm [1]

Laser Type:

Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser

Max. Tuning Speed:

(Scan) Slew rates to >5000 cm-1/s [1]

Max. Tuning Speed:

(Step) 250 ms step-&-settle time to arbitrary λ [1]

Package Type:


Peak Output Power:

Up to1000mW [1],[3]

Polarisation Ratio:

Linear, vertical, >100-1 [1]

Spot Size:

(1/e2 intensity radius)2.5mm [1],[4]

Temporal Mode:


Temporal Mode:

Pulsed (10 ns - 100 ns)

Temporal Mode:

Pulsed (100 ns - 1µs)

Transverse (Spatial) Mode:


Tuning Modes:

Set λ, step & measure, continuous scans [1]

Tuning Range:

400cm^-1 [1],[2],[3]

Wavelength Accuracy:

≤1cm^-1 [1]

Wavelength Repeatability:

To ≤0.1cm^-1 [1],[3]

Other Specifications

Cooling Method:

Passive air (pulsed, up to 5% duty cycle) [1]

Cooling Method:

Water (CW or >5% duty cycle pulsed)[1]


Head: 110 x 65 x 52mm [1],[8]


Controller: 190 x 130 x 40mm [1],[9]

External Control Interface:

Ethernet 10/100 [1],[7]

External Control Interface:

USB 2.0 [1],[7]


0 - 80% RH, non-condensing[1]

Operating Temperature:

15 - 35°C [1]

Power Requirements:

≤2A, 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, single φ; (or ≤3A, 24 VDC, OEM models) [1]


(Pulsed Operation) Internal/external, external pulse input [1]


(Scans) External wavelength step, scan start [1]

Pulsed Performance

Energy Stability:

<3% standard deviation[1]


<1 cm-1 (FWHM) [1]

Maximum Duty Cycle:

10% (custom up to 30%) [1],[6]

Pulse Repetition Frequency:

100 - 1000000Hz (0.1 kHz increments) [1],[6]

Pulse Width:

50 - 500ns (20 ns increments) [1],[6]

For Spectroscopy at Speed, Without Compromise™.

Molecular spectroscopy applications benefit from rapid, high Signal-to-Noise Ratio data acquisition. This demands fast-scan mid-IR lasers delivering high-quality light. Until now, high tuning speed has come with compromises. The new Hedgehog from Daylight Solutions changes this. For the first time, fast tuning and high-fidelity output is available from a compact, robust mid-IR laser.

Hedgehog is built on Daylight’s field-proven Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology. Available center wavelengths span the mid-IR spectrum from < 4 to > 13 μm, and Hedgehog can provide pulsed or CW output2. Users can select from three model types (HHG, HHG-UT, or HHG-LT) depending on their application power and tuning range requirements. All models include: a GUI option for ultra-quiet CW operation; high wavelength repeatability; and multiple tuning modes.

Hedgehog’s small size and rugged design make it ideally suited to either laboratory use or OEM integration. Each Hedgehog is shipped with a compact, easy-to-use SideKick™ multi-function QCL controller. All control functionality is via USB/Ethernet connectivity and an included GUI and SDK command set. Daylight‘s proprietary HFQD™ (High-Fidelity QCL Drive) circuitry also protects your QCL chip.

With Hedgehog, high-speed, high-quality mid-IR spectroscopic data acquisition is now a reality. Hedgehog brings new capabilities to a wide range of molecular sensing applications including: process control; detection of pollutants, chemical and biological agents; time-resolved spectroscopy; and cellular imaging. Please contact us today to learn how Hedgehog, and our highly experienced team, can help your application.


  • Tuning slew rates to > 5000 cm-1/s
  • Ultra-low noise mode (CW RIN as low as -145 dBc/Hz)
  • High wavelength accuracy, precision and repeatability
  • Available center wavelengths: < 4 to > 13 µm
  • Compact head ideal for OEM integration or lab use
  • New Hedgehog-LT: greater utility than DFBs

[1] All specifications are subject to change without notice and defined: at the tuning curve ceiling; after a 3-min warm-up; at the factory-defined maximum operating current.
[2] Requires CW-capable gain chip - please enquire.
[3] Depends on gain chip. Specificatons to be agreed at time of order - please enquire.
[4] Measured at 4µm; scales with wavelength - please enquire.
[5] With laser tuned for single longitudinal mode operation.
[6] Some chips support pulse widths to 10µs, rep. rates to 3MHz, and duty cycles to 30% - please enquire.
[7] GUI compatible with Windows® 7, 8.1 & 10. Please enquire for other OS.
[8] Head includes cooling plate for lab use. Head with plate: 5.7 x 2.6 x 2.8in. (14.5 x 6.5 x 7.0cm).
[9] Daylight Solutions' SideKick™ model SK-1000. Dimensions listed exclude connectors.