Glan Thompson Prism 200 - 900nm 6mm Aperture

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GTPB-06-18SN Glan Thompson Prism 200 - 900nm 6mm Aperture Please Call £539.00

Extinction Ratio:


Wavelength Range:

200 - 900nm







Glan Thompson Prisms

This is a special polarizer with minimal transmission loss, and a high extinction ratio below 5×10−5is obtained. It is used in high-precision polarization experiments.
The Calcite can be used in the visible to the infrared region, and α-BBO crystal type usable in the ultraviolet region are available.

• Glan Thompson prism is housed in a metal frame, and no stress is applied to the inner element when frame is mounted in the holder.
• Calcite type Glan Thompson prism are available in two acceptance angles.
• A single-layer anti-reflection coating has been applied on the surface of the Glan Thompson prism to provide high transmittance.

• Glan laser prism for high-power laser (GLPB / GLPC) and Wollaston prism (WPPB / WPPC) are also available.
• If you need uncoated Glan Thompson prism or anti-reflection coating with specific reflectance, please contact our Sales Team with your request.
• Glan Thompson prism holders are also availabe, please contact our Sales Team.

• A change in the incident angle may also changes the extinction ratio of the linearly polarized transmitted light.
• Separation angle will vary depending on the wavelength. Please confirm the wavelength characteristic graph for separation angle.
• Because of natural calcite crystals, there are individual differences, and variations in quality.