Frameless Mirror 49×49×8.5mm for 1064nm

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GMMUHP-49-1064 Frameless Mirror 49×49×8.5mm for 1064nm Please Call £795.00

Coating clear aperture:


Laser Damage Threshold:


Mirror Size:


Surface Flatness Clear Aperture:


Wavelength Range:




Frameless Mirror Unit

Frameless mounting is designed to minimize product footprint and maximize the front surface area of the mirror used.
Our high-reflectivity mirrors are produced using a ceramic material with thermal expansion raito equivalent to Zerodur® to provide maximum thermal stability.

• Laser damage threshold of the mirror is equivalent to our high power dielectric laser mirrors (TFMHP).
• λ/10 surface accuracy guarantee after coating.
• The Beamplitter coating is equivalent to our ultra broadband dielectric half mirror (PSMH).
• Fused Silica is used for our beamsplitters to minimize transmitted wavefront error(s).
• The patent related to this product was obtained by SIGMA KOKI CO., LTD. in November 2011.

• These mirrors are mounted to the base is the same method as using the mirror holder MHG.(WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4001)
• Able to mount on Pedestal Bases(PS-**)(WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6039) and Post(RO-**) with M6 thread (sold separately)(WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6052)

• Surface accuracy data is not provided standard with the product. Please contact our Sales Team for this data at an additional charge.
• The reflectance specifications are represented by the average of the reflectance of P polarized light and S polarized light.
• If the product is used without setting the angle of incidence to 45 degrees, the reflection may decrease.
• Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.