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The VQuad provides easy, portable, and convenient voice quality testing. The VQuad enables automatic measurement of Voice Quality and QOS for any desired network including Wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE), VoIP, Analogue, and TDM.

VQuad supports up to 8 telephony devices simultaneously. A minimum of two telephony nodes are required for transferring files and these nodes may be configured together on a single PC, or with each node served by one PC.

The VQuad tester uses a Dual Universal Telephone Adapter (Dual UTA) to provide multiple interfaces for connecting to the Network, in a single box solution. The Dual UTA is a low power USB device that has been fully tested with an ultra-portable Dual Core Netbook (no external power required), which allows both the VQuad and VQT to reside and operate simultaneously on the same Netbook.

Full support is also available for remote access of the VQuad and an SDK directly to the Dual UTA hardware (VQuad not required to be running).

The system allows independent traffic and independent automated Call Control via script configurations. The VQuad is fully automated, and when coupled with the VQT software, the resultant MOS scores are automatically delivered to a remote client.

A GPS sync port on the Dual UTA permits precise time synchronization between two geographically separated systems as well as location information for drive testing. It allows sending and receiving audio files, one-way delay (OWD), and round trip delay (RTD). The Dual UTA can be directed to automatically send and record sample voice files between nodes of a telephony network. VQT MOS scores as well as the Call Control information can be plotted to local street maps (most countries supported).

The VQuad Probe is an all-in-one, self-contained VQuad with Dual UTA test instrument. This comprehensive hardware device incorporates all the features of the VQuad with Dual UTA unit, such as portability and remote accessibility, along with the necessary PC hardware with Win7 OS. The VQuad probe can be controlled via Ethernet Remote Desktop (with support for mouse/keyboard) and is of same length as the current Dual UTA hardware, but about twice as high and 50% wider.

The VQuad Lite application with Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) supports a maximum of 2 Devices in FXO, or Mobile Wireless network, with each device associated to one telephony device (Bluetooth / FXO). The Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (Dual UTA) kit with VQuad Lite application provides connectivity to the following telephony equipment:

  • Mobile Phones with Bluetooth - Works with all Bluetooth phones for both call control and send/record audio functions. Bluetooth also performs RSSI, Battery level functions, Network verification.
  • RJ-11 POTS lines - Detect dial tone, go off hook, CallerID detection, send digits (two stage dialling), answer calls, detect a variety of Special Information Tones (SIT), send/record audio for Voice Quality measurement, and more.

Main Features

Single box portable solution, with many interfaces

VQuad™-DUAL UTA or VQuad™ Probe

  • Automated testing of Wireless Devices (Bluetooth®, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE) - Mobile Radio phones, Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Testing of VoIP/Digital phones
  • Automated testing/simulation of PSTN (2-wire) phones
  • Automated testing/simulation of VoIP soft phone (SIP and H.323 protocols supported)
  • Automated testing of TDM networks (ISDN and CAS protocols supported)
  • GPS and ITS locationtracking with results overlay


  • On any PC including Rack/Tower, Laptop, Netbook,and Tablet.
  • Coming Soon- Support up-to four Dual UTA units (8 devices) connected simultaneously.
  • VQuad™ Probe is a self-contained unit that includes VQuad™, Dual UTA and PC


  • Supported on Windows® XP and Windows® 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)

Automation through Scripting

  • Complete automation with enhanced scripting and remote operation including traffic generation and call control scripting
  • Additional commands available for Bluetooth® enabled Mobile phones including RSSI, Battery Level, and Network identity
  • Local VQuad™ can control remote VQuad™ systems to expand testing for an entire network.
  • All results and events are automatically transferred to a Central Database

Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • CLI to access various functionalities remotely

Codec Support

  • Wideband audio (supports both 8k and 16k samples/sec)
  • All VoIP Codec supported including mu-law, a-law, linear PCM, 16 bit raw Bluetooth®

Traffic Support

  • Traffic types - Voice (Raw PCM), Frequency Tones, DTMF/MF Digits, Fax (2400baud to 33600 baud, V.34 fully supported)
  • Send/Receive up to 4 independent and simultaneous T.30 faxes over 2-Wire, and 4-wire analog networks.
  • Property to inject impairments onto the outgoing traffic
  • Generate impairments on the outgoing voice file using a noise file or user-defined white noise
  • Automate the IVR testing process - call establishment and traffic generation / detection process through scripts

Measurements in VQuad™

  • Round Trip Delay (RTD)
  • One Way Delay (OWD)
  • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR = S/N)
  • Oscilloscope and Spectral Display
  • RMS Power as well as C-Message
  • Next-generation voice quality testing standard - POLQA (ITU-T P.863)

Echo Measurements

  • Supports echo measurements over any network using EMU

Voice Quality Testing

  • POLQA (ITU-T P.863)
  • PESQ (ITU-T P.862), PESQ LQ, LQO (P.862.1), PESQ WB (P.862.2)
  • PAMS (ITU-T P.800)
  • PSQM/PSQM+ (ITU-T P.861)
  • Call control analysis (Failed Calls, Dropped Calls, and Call ID)
  • Monitoring IVR System for voice and data quality

Automated Data testing

  • Mobile devices (i.e. iPhone, Android)
  • PC Ethernet connection (wired, Wi-Fi, Broadband (3G or 4G))
  • Different type of tests supported - TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, VoIP, SMS, Email, PhoneInfo, SimInfo, and UEInfo.

Wireless Network Testing

  • Drive testing with real-time GPS maps
  • GPS connectivity for timing and location
  • Fully automated PTT functionality for Military/Mobile radio interface
  • Automated Data Testing over Mobile Deives, or PC broadband connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G)
  • End-to-End SMS Testing over wireless network directly and remotely

FXO Testing

  • Support for No Call Control (Quick Connect) on FXO interface
  • Call control with Caller ID detection and display

Remote Control and Monitoring using web based WebViewer™

  • Remote monitoring with result query and real-time statistics
  • Real-time status of entire network with ability to remotely access and control any node within network