Network Analysis High Capacity Capture Device

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GigaStor is a network monitoring tool that provides complete visibility into any network or application problem. With GigaStor, you can be sure that your network is working in the way you expect. And if it isn't, GigaStor enables you to locate the cause quickly, greatly reducing the mean time to resolution and allowing you to identify whose issue it is.

A high performance RAID array continuously captures live traffic at full-duplex 1 Gb, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb line rates. By capturing and saving every transaction, packet, and protocol, GigaStor enables you to "rewind" your network to determine the source of a problem. The software also provides comprehensive analysis, allowing you to quickly resolve your network issues and move on.

GigaStor helps you to ensure successful application deployments, solve network and application problems quickly, reconstruct and troubleshoot VoIP calls, and investigate and document compliance violations. Choose from a range of sizes in console and portable versions, to match your network's needs.

  • Quickly reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • Solve intermittent problems without having to recreate them
  • Isolate application issues by locating problematic transactions
  • Store up to 5 PB of network data
  • Save hours, days, or weeks of data

Technical Specifications
All GigaStor appliances include a local Observer Expert console and can connect to any Observer Expert, Suite, or RMON/HCRMON compliant console on the network.

To ensure wire-speed and line-rate capture, each system includes the unique VIAVI full-duplex Gen2 capture card with multiple-link support.

Each unit also includes a 500 GB internal hard disk, all required cabling, a dual-processor system with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Edition, a 10/100/1000 Ethernet management port.

The appliances support multiple topologies: Gigabit, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb.

Model / Storage Capacity

  • GigaStor Portable, 4-8 TB
  • GigaStor Upgradeable, 4-48 TB
  • GigaStor Expandable, 48 TB-5 PB
  • GigaStor 10 Gb Wire Speed, 144 TB
  • GigaStor SAN, Offload to SAN: 16, 48, 144, 576 TB

Retrospective Network Analysis