Laser Focusing Holder for FC

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FOPT-FC Laser Focusing Holder for FC Please Call £852.00

Adjustment Range:

1 mm (XY)

Centering Adjustment Resolution:


Compatible Fiber Connecter:


Fiber Adjustment Range (Tilt, Rotation):


Fiber Adjustment Resolution (Rotation):

about 0.7°/rotation

Fiber Adjustment Resolution (Tilt):

about 0.7°/rotation

Focal length Objectives Lens:


Focus Adjustment Range:


Holder Adjustment Range (Tilt):


Holder Adjustment Resolution (Tilt):

about 0.53°/rotation



Adjustable Fiber Collimator

The adjustable collimator holder can be used to either collimate the output of a fiber or to launch a collimated laser beam into a fiber.

• This holder has fine adjustments in five axes for optimizing transmission effeciency
• The objective lens included with this holder has a short focal length (OBL-10) so that collimated light with small beam diameter can be obtained.
• The objective lenses used in these holders are standard microscope objectives so that high transmittance and high performance (spherical aberration) can be obtained in the visible light range.
• When used with a single-mode fiber, the output beam will have a Gaussian distribution.

• The post length can be changed on request by specifying the post length when you place an order. Contact our sales team for more information.
• A dummy FC connector is included, but should not be used for an optical fiber.

• To launch light into a single-mode fiber, a more precise adjustment mechanism is required. Contact our sales team for more information.
• Some types of connectors may be difficult to mount on the receptacles of two-axis pinholes/objective holders.
• The collimated beam diameter changes depending on the NA of the fiber.
Generally, beam diameter D is found with the following formula.
D = 2 × NA × f
f: Focal length of objective lens, NA: Numerical aperture of fiber