416/501 nm BrightLine® dual-band bandpass filter

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FF01-416/501-21.8-D 416/501 nm BrightLine® dual-band bandpass filter 1-2 weeks £409.00
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Angle of Incidence:

0 ± 5 °

Blocking Band:

ODavg > 4 565 – 850 nm

Blocking Band:

ODavg > 6 275 – 393 nm

Blocking Band:

ODavg > 6 450 – 477 nm

Blocking Band:

ODavg > 6 529 – 565 nm

Clear Aperture:

≥ 21 mm

Cone Half-angle:

Filter Effective Index:

1.88 Understanding 'Effective Index of Refraction' neff

Filter Thickness Tolerance, Mounted:

± 0.1mm

Filter Thickness, Mounted:


Mounted / Unmounted:


Optical Damage Rating:

Testing has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm2) for over 500 hrs.


Arrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light

Product Type:

BrightLine Dual-Band Bandpass Filter

Semrock Filter Family:

BrightLine® Fluorescence Filters




21.8 x 3.5 mm

Substrate Thickness:


Substrate Type:

low-autofluorescence optical quality glass

Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig):


Transverse Tolerance, Mounted:

+ 0.0 / - 0.1 mm

Band 1

FWHM Bandwidth:


Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth:

25 nm

Transmission Band:

Tavg > 90% 403.5 – 428.5 nm

Transmission Wavelength:


Band 2

FWHM Bandwidth:


Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth:

18 nm

Transmission Band:

Tavg > 90% 492 – 510 nm

Transmission Wavelength:


Individual multiband fluorescence bandpass filters that utilize Semrock's patented single-substrate construction. These filters have extremely high transmission, steep and well-defined edges, and outstanding blocking between the passbands. All thin-film, hard-coated construction for unsurpassed performance and reliability.


Note on spectral plots:
In the past, each shipment has included a spectral plot for every filter and every lot code in the shipment. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we will no longer be including these plots with each shipment. If you require spetral plot data, please see here for more information.