Color Correction Filter 50mm 626nm

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ECM-50S-500 Color Correction Filter 50mm 626nm Please Call £155.00

Average Transmittance (Absorption Limit Long Wavelength - 1200nm):


Average Transmittance Rate (400–600nm):


Longest Wavelength:


Longest Wavelength Transmittance Rate:


Transmittance 600nm:

About 50%

Transmittance Limit Wavelength:




Color Correction Filter

The filter that can simulate the sensing of a human eye which is similar the silicon pixel detector sensor with a wavelength located at a peak at the NIR range. It is also widely as a filter attached to a CCD sensor.

• Use the filter to correct the unnatural color taken with an IR camera.
• The CCF5000 can be used in natural environment or outside, the surface of the filter is tough and hard to burn.
• The CCF 500 and CCF 5000 have the same characteristics until 900nm, above 900nm the transmittance is different.
• The color of the ECM-500 is darker than the CCF-500 and CCF-5000 and is fit for use to cut off the NIR light.

• We can produce custom sizes, please contact our Sales Team with your request.

• The absorption wavelength range can not be used with high power laser and high energy pulsed laser.
• There is no coating on both surfaces of the filter resulting in about a 10% transmittion loss.
• The ECM-500 and the CCF-500 are less resistance for an outside environment use and burn or smoke easier than the CCF-5000 over time.