1064nm, multiple longitudinal mode, pulsed DPSS laser delivering 400 mW of average output power in a benchtop format.

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DTL-324QT-100 1064nm, multiple longitudinal mode, pulsed DPSS laser delivering 400 mW of average output power in a benchtop format. On Request On Request

Amplitude Stability:


Average Output Power:


Beam Divergence:


Beam Major Dimension:


Beam Shape:


Centre Wavelength:


Laser Type:

DPSS Laser

Longitudinal Mode:



not available

Package Type:


Polarisation Ratio:


Pulse Repetition Frequency:

10 - 10000Hz

Pulse Width:




Temporal Mode:

Pulsed (1 ns - 10 ns)

Transverse (Spatial) Mode:


The DTL-QT series are benchtop pulsed, air-cooled lasers. These lasers emit in the UV, green, or infra-red spectral regions.

Average output powers are 5mW - 100mW for the UV, and 40-1200mW for the green and infrared lasers. Several models are available that output 2 or 3 wavelengths simultaneously in the infrared, green and UV.

These lasers provide excellent beam quality and power stability from a compact and easy to use turnkey system at an entry level price.

Active Q-switching through acousto-optic modulation delivers precise control of the repetition frequency and the pulse to pulse amplitude stability. Three modes of modulation trigger are supplied, internal, external via RS232 and external via BNC. The repetition frequencies that are supported range from single shot to 10kHz (30kHz in some models). The typical pulsewidth that is achieved with these lasers is <10 nsec, wavelength dependent.

The DTL-QT series lasers come with a 12VDC power supply and a simple benchtop controller. The benchtop controller works with a Windows PC running the LCC-300 laser application software (included). The PC settings are stored in the non-volatile memory of the controller. The software allows control of the laser output (simple on/off control), output power adjustment, and provides a read-out and recording capability of the laser parameters. The controller also has an interlock point. The QL series laser head comes in several different sizes, dependent on the wavelength and output power.

The amplitude stability, noise and linewidth of the DTL-QT series is not specified.

The beam quality of these lasers is excellent. They have a circular, TEM00 spatial mode beam with an M-squared of 1.05-1.3, wavelength dependent. The beam pointing stability of these lasers is also extremely good, typically <0.01 mradians/ °C after warm-up. The polarisation of the output power is 100-1.

The QL series laser head is provided in several different sizes which are dependent on the wavelength and output power. These dimensions are detailed in the data sheet.

These lasers are for lab use. They are also suitable for incorporation into such OEM systems where they can be maintained or replaced easily at scheduled and unscheduled service intervals. These lasers are not designed for operation in harsh temperature, humidity, or electrical environments or for exposure to high loading stress, acceleration, shock or vibration. Please note that the failure to provide adequate cooling may result in the premature failure of DPSS lasers.