Compact high-energy femtosecond laser for biophotonics & micromachining

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DIADEM Compact high-energy femtosecond laser for biophotonics & micromachining On Request On Request

DIADEM is a very compact, high energy ultrafast laser for advanced micro-machining applications needing short femtosecond pulse widths, which offers over 40µJ at 30W and up to 1MHz (standard), with pulses below <400 fs from single shot to 1 MHz and a remarkable beam quality with M² < 1.2.

DIADEM laser series combine the most advanced electronics for on-the-fly pulse control and uncomparable ergonomy with a compact design and a less than 5 minutes set-up time.

This laser has been especially conceived for demanding medical implantable device and electronics manufacturing.


Core Specifications

  • High average power: Up to 30 W at 1030 nm or 1060 nm
  • Ultrafast pulse duration: < 400 fs pulses (typ. 350 fs)
  • High energy: Up to 40 μJ


  • Compact, robust & air cooled fiber laser
  • Plug-and-play: < 5 min set up
  • Intuitive user interface (on the fly)
  • Smart electronics with sync out / sync in


  • Consumer electronics
  • Luxury
  • Medical & biomedical implantable devices
  • Optogenetics


Optional Features

Pulse Tunability Upper range above 10 ps
Fibre Delivery Module Fibre delivery coupling module with hollow core fibre (3 m long)
Ultra Sync Low timing jitter for ultra accurate on-demand pulse triggering
Pulse Duration < 300 fs (typ. 270 fs)
External Module Possibility to convert in the harmonics and electronically switch thanks to an external module (IR/GR or IR/GR/UV)



Power 30 W 20 W 10 W
Pulse Energy 40 µJ up to 750 Khz 30 µJ up to 700 Khz 10 µJ up to 1 Mhz
  Optical Characteristics
Wavelength 1030 nm or 1060 nm
Spectral Linewidth < 10 nm
Pulse Duration < 400 fs (typ. 350 fs) To 10 ps
Repetition Rate Single pulse to 2 Mhz (with burst mode) – Single shot to 40 Mhz (optional)
< 1.2
Beam Waist Diameter 2 mm
Beam Divergence < 1 mrad
Beam Pointing < 25 µrad/°C
Ellipticity 0.85
Warm-Up Time < 15 min
Power Stability < 1% RMS
Pulse Stability < 1% RMS
Polarisation Linear, >100:1
  Electrical Characteristics
External Interfaces High speed external synchronisation (sync. out / in), communication through USB, RS 232, TCP/IP
Software Interface Intuitive GUI, Serial Communication Protocol
Power Consumption 100 to 240 VAC < 400 W
  Mechanical Characteristics
Laser Head Dimensions 531 x 342 x 143 mm
Weight 17 kg
Laser Controller Dimensions 19"/3U Rack - 7.5 kg
Standard Umbilical Length 3 M
Cooling Air Cooled



Beam Profile


Beam Quality


Pulse Profile