Optical Tweezers (CUBE)

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CUBE Optical Tweezers (CUBE) On Request On Request

  • Complete optical trapping system
  • 3D particle manipulation using holographic beam control
  • 100's of traps (demonstrated 400)
  • High temporal trap stability
  • Spatially uniform trapping across 200x200 micron field of view

Meadowlark Optics' Cube provides researchers with a portable, stand-alone, optical tweezers system just one cubic foot in size. This compact instrument allows a user to optically trap and thus physically manipulate hundreds of microscopic objects in three dimensions (3D) using computer control to set and move each optical trap independently.

Optical trapping can be used to manipulate objects ranging in size from 10's of nanometers to 10's of microns and objects with a variety of material characteristics. Trapping examples include cellular organisms, dielectric spheres, metallic spheres, metallic nanoshells, carbon nanotubes, air bubbles, and even water droplets in air.

One application of the CUBE includes biological research. This tool enables measurements of cell properties and controlled studies of how cells interact with foreign objects. Another application example is trapping metallic objects and carbon nanotubes for engineering materials with unique thermal and electrical properties.