1313nm, multiple longitudinal mode, CW DPSS laser delivering 150 mW of average output power in a benchtop format.

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CL1313-150 1313nm, multiple longitudinal mode, CW DPSS laser delivering 150 mW of average output power in a benchtop format. On Request On Request

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DPSS Laser



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CL DPSS lasers are benchtop CW, air-cooled lasers. The output powers are wavelength dependent and lie in the 5mW - 4W region.

These lasers provide excellent beam quality and power stability from a compact and easy to use turnkey system at a mid-range price level.

Long-term amplitude stability is <2% (over 8 hours). Superstable options are available (<0.5% and <0.25% over 24 hours). Amplitude noise is a feature of these lasers and may make them unsuitable for some applications. This noise is dependent on the laser wavelength and is greatest in the blue, green and red laser versions, where it is around 10-30% at a frequency of approximately 300 kHz. Amplitude noise is lowest in the infrared versions at <0.5% from 10Hz to 20MHz. If low noise is required, please see the low noise lasers section. As the linewidth of these lasers is either unspecified or relatively large, they are not suitable for applications requiring long coherence length. The beam pointing stability of these lasers is extremely good, typically <0.02mradians after warm-up.

In their standard configuration, the CL lasers provide constant output power without modulation. However, analogue and digital TTL modulation capability are options. A power supply that matches the laser head is provided as standard. This includes key switch and interlock. An optional upgrade to the CL2005 power supply gives you manual output power adjustment and front panel indication LEDs. The power supply can also be provided with an RS232 interface for remote laser operation. An optional 12V DC power supply is available. The laser head comes in several different sizes depending on wavelength and output power.

Options: - Higher amplitude stability options down to 0.5% and 0.25% amplitude variation over 24 hours. - Multimode, singlemode, or polarisation preserving fibre coupling option - External TTL modulation and external analogue modulation options - External analogue output power control - RS232 remote control - 300:1 polarisation option (model dependent) - Built-in custom beam expansion optics

These lasers are designed for lab use. They are also suitable for incorporation into such OEM systems where they can be maintained or replaced easily at scheduled and unscheduled service intervals. These lasers are not designed for operation in harsh temperature, humidity, or electrical environments or for exposure to high loading stress, acceleration, shock or vibration. Please note that the failure to provide adequate cooling may result in the premature failure of DPSS lasers.