Achromatic Cylindrical Lens 25mm Focal Length

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CDL-1515-25PM Achromatic Cylindrical Lens 25mm Focal Length Please Call £363.00

Back Focal Length Fb:


Focal Length F:


Length x Height:

15 x 15mm

Thickness of the Center Tc:


Thickness of the Edge TE:




A cylindrical achromat is single component made by bonding two cylindrical surface lenses having different refractive indexes. The resulting achromat creates fine lines close to the theoretical limit.
The cylindrical achromat is recommended if blurred lines and color bleeding is a concern when using cylindrical plano-convex lens (CLB-P).

• It is designed so that difference of focusing point is reduced as much as possible in the visible light range.
• Optical adjustment is easy to do as direction of the condenser line will be parallel to the side of the diameter (B).
• It can be used as a substitute for a slit spectrograph.

• Different focal length and diameters not mentioned on-line or in our catalog are available as a custom product upon on request.
• Cylindrical lens holder (CHA) is available for mounting the achromatic cylinder lens. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4022)

• There is a direction of the incident parallel light with achromatic cylinder lens. The radius of curvature is allowed to be incident parallel light from the side of (the surface indicated by arrows) small curvature surface. If it is incident parallel light from the opposite side, condensing line will be thick.
• In the generatrix direction (B direction), there is no characteristic to reduce the effect of achromatic, reducing aberration, and for collecting light.
• If it is incident line beam source into achromatic cylindrical lens, parallel light does not come out. It will diverge in the direction of the generatrix (B direction).
• In order to focus the fine beam line, it is necessary to enter the lens a parallel beam of high quality.