Zoom Collimator for 3mm light guide

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BN7-ZCOL-3-001 Zoom Collimator for 3mm light guide On Request £350.00

This is a zoom collimator capable of light delivery using a microscope. Below you will be able to see an example of light delivery using an Olympus microscope (false coloured using ImageJ). The two images show g illumination at 405nm (left image) and at 550nm (right image).  The contours detail the uniformity of the power distribution demonstrating the apochromacity and beam quality.


When adjusting the zoom collimator, the aim is to maximise the uniformity of the brightness of the illumination across a microscope slide.


Follow these 4 steps in order to gain the best practice for adjusting the illumination:

  1. Using a fluorescence reference slide, insert the reference slide into the microscope.

  2. Ensure that the niji is connected to the microscope, is powered up, and that the slide is illuminated.

  3. Adjust the rear lens (i.e. the lens nearest the light guide) until the slide is fully illuminated.

  4. Adjust the front lens (i.e. the lens furthest from the light guide) until the illumination is brought into focus


We’ve designed and built an apochromatic zoom collimator with adaptor rings for the main microscope brands:

  • Leica

  • Nikon

  • Olympus

  • Zeiss

If a new design and build is required, we’re easily able to provide one on a 4-6 week lead time. If you want more information on the currently available adaptors or would like a quotation on a custom adaptor please get in touch.