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BN7-MF-0-3-002 NIJI-MAINFRAME Please ask £2850.00

This is the niji mainframe only. 

With light emission from up to seven individually addressable, individually filtered LED channels that simultaneously emit light through a single combined light guide, the niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from the UV to the NIR, specifically for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy.

Based around a uniquely reconfigurable mainframe, LEDs and filters can be changed by the user in minutes, offering additional excitation centre wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options, dramatically expanding the capability of the niji.

Wavelength, power, and emission channel can all be controlled, individually or simultaneously, using the manual controller (tablet) or via software.

Constant current and constant optical power LED drive modes are both selectable, enabling fast imaging speed and high excitation power stability over long periods.

Software control options are numerous and the niji can be integrated into a microscope application in a variety of ways.

Fully compatible with MicroManager and MicroManager 2, the niji can also be operated with a wide range of industry standard microscope software packages (when operating in compatibility mode via RS232).

The niji is also mechanically compatible with most standard microscopes. Numerous adaptors, light guides, and collimators are available off the shelf, to help to simplify the task.

Furthermore, great care has been taken to make the niji one of the quietest LED sources on the market. With optimised fans running only when needed, you’ll be able to hear yourself think and work, knowing that vibrations at the microscope are minimised.

If funds are tight or you don’t know what wavelengths you might need in future, the niji provides the perfect solution, combining a low cost entry point with a low cost upgrade path.

To find out more about the niji, to see a demo, or to book your free evaluation unit please get in touch.