Compact broadband light source, near infrared wavelength, 1230 - 1730 nm

The BeST-SLED is the LUXMUX original - a rugged, compact broadband light source in the near infrared wavelength range. It offers spectral coverage from 1230 - 1730 nm with up to 50mW of optical power. 

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The BeST-SLED is comprised of a set of superluminescent diodes and driver circuit with overlapping spectral coverage into a 32 pin butterfly package. This module can be sold separately, and directly integrated into existing OEM products.

  • Superluminescent diodes, low coherence length
  • Reliable and stable over the entire spectral range
  • Compact: up to 6 SLEDs from 740nm to 1720nm in one 32-pin Butterfly Package
  • 40 mW of optical power with a single mode fiber
  • Broad Spectrum
  • FWHM up to 480nm
  • Widely tunable and flexible
  • Cost-effective / High value
  • Rugged and durable


Multi-spectral platform for flexible use 


ASE Spectrum Options.png


BeST-SLED product table


Product Code Wavelength Coverage Number of SLEDS Type Bandwith FWHM (nm) Min. Fibre Output Power (mW)
OSM000101 1565 - 1710 nm 2 14 14
OSM000102 1435 - 1645 nm 3 210 18
OSM000103 1310 -1460 nm 3 150 25
OSM000104 1260 - 1460 nm 4 200 35
OSM000105 1430 - 1720 nm 4 290 25
OSM000106 1270 - 1500 nm 5 230 35
SM000108 1240 - 1720 nm 6 480 40



  • All products above are comprised of a 32-pin butterfly package
  • FWHM is defined as the bandwidth across minimum power spectral density dip in the spectrum
  • Does not include driver electronics 


Technical features

  • 6 Independent SLED current controls up to 0A to 1.2A
  • 6 Independent monitor photodiode readouts for each SLED
  • 6 Independent actual current readings for each SLED
  • 6 Manual switches, to turn each SLED on or off
  • USB or Ethernet communication
  • PC software for full control and monitoring
  • Custom API available
  • Temperature monitoring of heatsink and PCB
  • TEC control of the 32-Pin butterfly package
  • TEC control of the optional power meters
  • Automatic fan control for optimal thermal management
  • Compatible with all Luxmux 32-Pin butterfly packages
  • Superluminescent diodes, low coherence length


The BeST-SLED® product line is tested to comply with the Telcordia reliability standards.


Custom, powerful, and compact

Optimize a customized light source tailored to your application. 19 different SLEDs are currently available with center wavelengths ranging from 790nm to 1680nm. Choose any combination of up to six different SLEDs. All of this flexibility and power are available in our compact 32-Pin butterfly package.


Build a BeST-SLED

Select any combination, up to 6 SLEDs from the choice of 19, to create a compact, powerful unit that can optimize your application.


Ordering a BeST-SLED

To order a BeST-SLED please get in contact.