Laser Beam Expander with Diopter Movement 266nm 2X

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BE-2-266 Laser Beam Expander with Diopter Movement 266nm 2X Please Call £1770.00

Barrel Diameter φE:


Barrel Outer Dimension A:

72.0 ±4mm

Beam Magnification:


Design Wavelength:


Input Aperture (Maximum):


Laser Damage Threshold:


Mounting Thread C:

M34 P1







This is an optical system for expanding a small collimated laser beam to a larger one.
Fine adjustment of the collimator is available using the diopter correction function.
You can use in a high precision optical system like an interferometer or laser processing with lens designed for wave from aberration.

• The beam expander optical system is air-space with no bonded lenses and can be used for high powered laser applications.
• With the Galilean type lens configuration, it reduces the number of aberration corrections and shortens the length of the beam expander.
• By turning the diopter ring on the beam expander, you can have a varied collimated beam with beam divergence on the focused beam. A beam waist or an accurate adjustment of the collimation is required.
• There is a wide variety with different magnification and wavelengths to choose from.
• With the different types of BE-V and LBED visible lasers, can be attached to a He-Ne (05-LHP) lasers with an adapter (included).

• Beam expander holders are now available (LBED-H, LBED-YH) and comes with tilt and fine adjustments. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4033)
• Holders can be used to mount beam expanders (BE-M34H, BE-M22H). (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4032)
• We can also fabricate achromatic beam expanders with multiple wave lengths other than those found in on-line and in our catalog, call our Sales Team for more information.
• Fabrication of beam expander for high-energy pulsed laser is also available.

• By using in the opposite direction, it will not create a reduceduction in diameter of the collimated beam. Please use the appropriate optical system by determining the position of the beam waist and the divergence angle of the laser beam.