Beam Dump 80mm Diameter with 8-32UNC Thread

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BD-80-UU Beam Dump 80mm Diameter with 8-32UNC Thread Please Call £121.00

Aperture Diameter:




Beam Dumps

Beam Dumps safely terminate the beam of high-power lasers and high energy pulse lasers. The laser light is scattered and absorbed in the beam dump and converted into heat.

• Because the incident laser beam is scattered onto a conical surface, the light scatter back to the incident side can be greatly attenuated.
• BD-40 for small beam diameter (φ5mm or less) and BD-80 for large diameter beams (φ30mm or less) are available.

• High-power laser shutters (SHPS) combining optical path switching shutter and beam diffuser are available.(WEB Reference Catalog Code/WW4110)

• When used with a high-power laser, the beam diffuser might become quite warm. Be careful not to touch the beam diffuser directly.
• When used with a high energy pulse laser, the finish of the conical surface may be lost. The volume of scattering will increase somewhat, but as long as the conical shape is not changed, the beam diffuser will maintain performance.
• When a repeatedly oscillating high energy pulse laser irradiates the beam diffuser, the beam diffuser sometimes makes a sound like it is striking metal. This is due to the shock wave produced when the laser changes to heat on a metallic surface, not damage on the beam diffuser.