Visible Spectrum Achromat 40.2mm Focal Length

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ATL-30-40PY2 Visible Spectrum Achromat 40.2mm Focal Length Please Call £737.00

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High Power Air Spaced Laser Achromat


High Power Air Spaced Laser Achromat



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Visible spectrum achromats are air spaced achromatic triplets or doublets for lasers in the visible spectrum or white light applications.
The elements are made of crown glass of low dispersion and flint glass of high dispersion.

• These lenses have been optimized for achromatic and spherical aberrations and coma for the 3 wavelengths; blue (486.1nm), green (546.1nm) and red (656.3nm). They are coated with a broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating for 400 − 700nm.
• Air spaced design allows high power laser applications which includes YAG second harmonic wavelength (532nm).
• The triplets with F-numbers ≧2 and doublets with F-numbers ≧3 are designed to have each spot size equal to the diffraction limited spot size and very ideal for a Gaussian input beam.

• Please contact our Sales Team for customized achromats. (Customized on size etc.)
• Protective lens case with rods for mirror holders is available as an option. Please contact us for further information.
• Please check the “wavelength characteristic of the focal length data” on the Web for the focal lengths of each wavelength. (Reference Technical Data).

• Since the focal length and working distance of the lens is calculated at 532nm, it will change at other wavelengths due to the refractive index of the material shift.
• The F number of a lens is calculated by f (effective focal length) / De (effective clear aperture). The value represents “Brightness of the lens”. The lower the value, the brighter the lens is.
• Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.