Three-axis Lens Holder with Rod for 25.4mm Optic

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ALHN-25.4-3RO Three-axis Lens Holder with Rod for 25.4mm Optic Please Call £293.00

Adjustment Range:

6 mm (centring)

Centering Adjustment Resolution:


Compatible Optics Dimensions:


Compatible Optics Thickness:

0 - 28mm

Focus Adjustment Range:




Three-axis/Five-axis Lens Holders (Post Type)

Multi-axis lens holders are a convenient way to align a lens an optical axis. Can be used in adjusting the collimating lens for laser applications.

• Five-axis adjustment holder (ALHN-5) can adjust lenses for wavefront and intensity distribution.
• To focus a lens, rotate the lens tube with the lever while moving the tube forwards or backwards.
• The centering mechanism is fitted with a nut clamp, and the focus adjustment is fitted with a screw clamp.
• Singlet/doublets up to 28 mm thick can be used.

• Multi-axis lens hodlers on a basepalte are available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4511)
• X-Y lens holders (LHCM) without a focus adjustment function are also available.(WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4512)
• Post length can be specified at the time of purchase.

• Two spacers are included with these mounts to allow positioning of the lens within the lens tube.
• Mounting these lens holder on a translation stage can increase the focusing range.