Lens Holder Inserts for 12.7mm

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ALHN-12.7AD10 Lens Holder Inserts for 12.7mm Please Call £32.00

Clear aperture:


Compatible Optics Diameter:






Three-axis/Five-axis Lens Holders (Plate Type)

Multi-axis lens holders are a convenient way to align a lens to the optical axis. These plate-type holders mount securely and provide a stable low optical axis.

• Five-axis adjustment type (ALHN-5) allows lens tilt adjustment for applications where acheiving the best possible focusing is required.
• Lens focus adjustment is done by rotating the lens tube with the lever, moving the position of the lens forward or backward.
• The XY centering adjustments include locking nuts and the focus adjustment includes a locking screw.
• In addition to single lenses, thick lenses or combined lens tubes up to thickness 28mm can be mounted directly in the holder.

• Two axis lens holders (LHCM) without focus adjustment function are also available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4512)
• Two Axis lens holders (LHCM) for lenses φ20mm or less are also available.
• Please contact our Sales team if you require a specific optical axis height.

• Two spacers are included with these mounts to allow positioning of the lens within the lens tube.
• The base plate is slotted to allow for focus adjustment outside the range of the adjustment lever.