Ultra-compact femtosecond laser for biophotonics with adjustable power

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ALCOR XSight Ultra-compact femtosecond laser for biophotonics with adjustable power Please get in touch On Request

The ALCOR XSight produces high-average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses (down to 100 fs) at high repetition rate (80 MHz standard, others optional) in an ultra-compact and robust format, offering fixed wavelength at 920 nm and/or 1064 nm. It is a fibre laser with a best-in-class quality and collimated beam providing high-stability.

ALCOR XSight benefits: 

  • Maximised output power

  • Reduces footprint on optical set-ups and within microscopes

  • Integrated prealigned AOM, not affecting pointing stability and polarisation

  • All electronically driven in one housing and one interface

  • Cost effective and maintenance free. 

The ALCOR XSight offers:

  • Ability to modulate power with a 1µs response time

  • Power control: set electronically through GUI or serial communication protocol (C language provided on USB hard drive)

  • Analog power modulation from 0% to 100%

  • Modulation by TTL signal (0 - 5V) which allows gating ON and OFF

  • >1.5 W average output power after AOM.


Integrating state of the art high-power full package amplifiers and pulse management, ALCOR offers remarkable pulse quality at high average power with no maintenance required.


Core specifications:

  • High repition rate: 80 MHz
  • High power: from 1W to 2W
  • 100 fs (standard)


  • Ultra-compact, robust & air cooled fiber laser
  • Plug’n play: < 5 min set up, sync. out
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Additional wavelength in option


Additional Options





Fine-tuning PRF synchronisation around a fixed central frequency. Can synchronise with any 3rd party master device. Electronic setting.

Custom pulse duration

< 140 fs

Custom pulse repetition frequency

40 MHz

Additional wavelength - ALCOR 920 nm

1030 nm, 1040 nm, 1055 nm, 1064 nm

Additional wavelength - ALCOR 1064 nm

920 nm, 1030 nm, 1040 nm, 1055 nm, 1064 nm

Custom primary wavelength

915 to 930 nm


Group delay dispersion pe-compensation (variable down to -50 000fs2)


Application Images

Recordings of temporal changes of neuronal activity in the neonatal mouse cerebral
cortex using GCaMP6s and ALCOR 920 2W

Courtesy of Mizuno et al., Kumamoto University, Japan


Images of neurons in slices of mouse cortex expressing the fluorescent protein mCherry (obtained at 1040 nm)

Courtesy of Boston University, USA