10.2 µm, multiple longitudinal mode, CW/pulsed external cavity quantum cascade laser head delivering 0.3 W of average output power.

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AFH-102-030 10.2 µm, multiple longitudinal mode, CW/pulsed external cavity quantum cascade laser head delivering 0.3 W of average output power. On Request On Request

Centre Wavelength:


Cooling Method:

Air (Optional water cooling allows operation to 45 °C)

External Interface:

Front panel, GPIB, RS-232, or USB 2.0

Input Power:

100-220 VAC, 1 φ

Laser Type:

External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser

Maximum Duty Cycle:

50% (excluding CW) (20 ns increments)

Number of Sockets:


Operating Temperature:

10 - 35°C (Contact Laser 2000 for ruggedized -40 to +70 °C operation)

Package Type:


Peak Output Power:


Polarisation Ratio:

100-1 (vertically polarised)

Pulse Repetition Frequency:

50 - 100000Hz

Pulse Width:

40 - 500ns (20 ns increments)

Temporal Mode:


Temporal Mode:

Pulsed (10 ns - 100 ns)

Temporal Mode:

Pulsed (100 ns - 1µs)

The Aries™ series offers up to two full Watts of true continuous wave power.

Three models are available, a 0.5 W output power version, a 1 W version, and a 2 W version. This robust platform allows both CW and pulsed operation in the same platform and generates up to 2 W hour after hour without cool-down time-outs.

When operated in pulsed mode, these lasers emit highly controlled pulsed outputs at selectable repetition frequencies in the 100Hz to 100 kHz range. The pulse duration is programmable in 20 ns increments from 40 to 500 ns. When operated in CW mode, the output power can be modulated in the range 10Hz to 2 kHz.

The Aries series operate at full CW power without water cooling up to 35°C. This is because the heat flow from the laser chip and the heat dissipation of the laser head are maximised. As a result, air cooled CW operation is possible. Beyond 35°C, the system operates with water cooling (an optional chiller is sold separately) at temperatures up to 45°C.

These lasers deliver high power in a 3mm x 2mm shaped beam (at 25cm from their output). Divergence is 2mrad and 10 mrad respectively.

Daylight Solutions is the world leader in Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based molecular detection and imaging systems. The company has pioneered the commercialization of QCLs by combining QC gain media with patented External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL™) technology. The result is a robust, broadly tunable or fixed wavelength mid-infrared (Mid-IR) laser source.

  • QC gain media advanced through collaborative research efforts with our partners, and made commercially viable through patented die attach and packaging technology.
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings developed specifically for QC gain media and Mid-IR fibres.
  • Advanced, miniature aspheric lenses that enable micro-optic packaging and diffraction-limited performance in the Mid-IR.
  • Telecom-style packaging technology adapted to enable robust, miniaturized modules that function as flexible platforms for a variety of OEM applications.
  • Broadly tunable mid-infrared laser sources based on our patented external cavity technology (ECqcL™). Our laser sources are tunable up to 25% of their centre wavelengths, or 300cm-1 in pulsed or continuous wave (CW) mode. Sources are also available with up to 150cm-1 tunability in Mode-Hop Free (MHF) operation.

These technologies and patented designs, coupled with advanced manufacturing processes, ensure that every laser is built to a high degree of robustness and delivers reliability in the range of 1,000 to 10,000 hours of real-time operation.

These lasers are ideally suited for use in the laboratory environment and for use in those systems where routine scheduled and unscheduled maintenance can be undertaken.